1. After you make the order, we will contact you to ask for your individual measurements. It is included in the price.
2. Please be careful while taking your measurements. You are responsible for giving the right numbers.
3. If you don’t tell us your individual measurements, we will use standard measurements for the size you indicate while placing the order.
4. If you took the measurements correctly, the item will perfectly fit you. In case of some discrepancies, you may want to adjust it. We are not responsible for the expenses associated with adjusting the item.
Custom orders
1. We can slightly amend all our items if you like us to. E. g. make other pockets, change the length or collar etc.
2. If you want to customize one of our items or make something completely unique, please contact me before you place the order. We will discuss everything and I will give you the final price.
Accepted payment methods